ST/SC/BC Development Corporation

The Jammu and Kashmir Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes & Backward Classes Development Corporation Limited; was established in the year 1986, a wholly owned corporation of the Jammu & Kashmir Government, registered under companies Act 1956, with service/welfare objective as a non profit making company. The prime objective of the Corporation is to work for socio-economic and educational upliftment of its target groups, to provide better self employment avenues so that they can become economically independent and self reliant members of the society.

The main financing schemes of the Corporation are as under:- 

1. Bank Tie-up Scheme 
2. Direct Financing Scheme 
3. Education Loan Scheme 
4. Skill Development Training Programmes

The direct financing scheme is available for, Scheduled Tribes population. Under this Scheme, the Corporation provides loan to the target groups in collaboration with the National ST finance and Development Corporation.

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Organisation Chart

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