Sh. Manoj Sinha

Lieutenant Governor, J&K.

Suresh Kumar Gupta IFS,

Principal Secretary to Government, J&K.

Tribal population of Jammu & Kashmir is among the nascent Tribal Groups joining the main stream of planned development, to which they have brought a distinct and colourful cultural variety. Their economy is closely linked with the forests and they are living a substandard life because of their primitive mode of livelihood.

Majority of them are placed below the poverty line, possessing meagre assets and are exclusively dependent on wages, forest produce and farming, that too in a traditional way which leads to non remunerative returns. The peculiar aspect of tribals of our state is their scattered population who inhabit the difficult and remote geographic terrains which poses a severe threat to their speedy development.

In J&K state the following communities have been declared as scheduled tribes 1. Balti, 2. Beda, 3. Bot, Bota, 4. Brokpa, Drokpa, Dard, Shin, 5. Changpa, Garran, 6. Mon, 8. Purigpa, 9. Gujjar, 10. Bakerwal, 11. Gaddi and 12. Sippi.

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